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In this article, we introduce how to use the Moment.js library, listed on the kintone CDN. We will display texts such as "xx mins ago" and ""xx days ago" in the date and time field. Standard JavaScript functions do not handle date and time formats, but the Moment.js library allows you to handle and calculate date formats easily.

What is Moment.js?

Moment.js is a JavaScript library used to alter, validate, calculate and display date and time data. The source code and documents can be found on their website.

Using Moment.js in kintone

You can utilize the Moment.js library in kintone by specifying the library link listed in the kintone CDN.
For example, you can specify one of the following urls to use Moment.js:


Read through this article on how to specify libraries listed on the CDN through your kintone app.

How to Use Moment.js

By using Moment.js like this, you can easily manipulate date formats.
For more information on how to use the Moment.js library, refer to their docs.

Using Moment.js on a Record List

Let’s try to customize kintone's Record List with Moment.js.
We'll use the following JavaScript code for the customization:

The Result

The code will replace the text of the specified fields, with texts such as "xx hours ago" and "xx days ago".


Formatting date and time by using only standard JavaScript can be a troublesome task, but using Moment.js can help you save a lot of time and effort. Also, if you use a library called Moment Timezone, you can change to a different timezone by JavaScript. If you have any trouble handling Moment.js on kintone, go ahead to post your issue in the kintone developer network community.

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