Handy Kintone JavaScript Tips


This article introduces some handy tips to help your JavaScript customizations on Kintone.

Tip 1. Get a free Developer License

The first thing to note is that you you can get a Kintone Developer License from the Kintone Developer Network.
This is a free Kintone environment for developers who want to test out Kintone customizations.

You will need to create an account for the Kintone Developer Network first to access this page:


Tip 2. Prepare a text editor

Here are some recommended text editors:

JSEdit for Kintone

A Kintone plug-in, that acts as a text editor.


A text editor developed by Github.


A text editor developed by Adobe.

Sublime Text

A popular text editor for front end developers.

Visual Studio Code

A text editor developed by Microsoft.

Tip 3. Understand how to debug

JavaScript errors usually show up on the console of your browser. Read through the following article to get a good understanding of how to debug for Kintone customizations:


Tip 4. Learn how to develop efficiently

There are two ways for Kintone Apps to load JavaScript files. You can either load your local JavaScript file directly onto the App, or you can specify a URL for the Kintone App to read the JavaScript file from.
The following article uses the latter method so that changes to your JavaScript file will take immediate effect on your Kintone App:



Tip 5. Use the JavaScript code checker tool

Copy and paste your code into jswatchdog, Kintone's online JavaScript code checker.
jswatchdog will check for any vulnerabilities that may be lying inside your code.



Tip 6. Ask questions on online communities

If you have questions regarding customizations using Kintone's API, post your queries on online community forums so that other developers can help you out:



We hope you found these tips useful.
With these tips in mind, try out some of our tips and samples!



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