Identify the App Admin


Have you ever had trouble finding out who the Administrator of an App is when you want to request some of the App's settings to be modified? 

This article introduces a quick technique to solve this issue.

Sample Code

The following sample codes output the creator of the App, and the latest updater of the App, who are most likely to be the users that have Administration permissions of the App:


To find the creator of the App:

To find the latest updater of the App:

Use the Developer Tools

The following section explains how to use your browser's developer tools to run the sample codes introduced in this article. For more information on developer tools, check this article.

This article uses Google Chrome's developer tools.

Step 1

Log in to kintone on a Chrome browser, and navigate to the desired kintone App. We will identify the App creator/updater for this App.

Step 2

On Windows, use the F12 shortcut to open up the developer tools.
On Mac, use the Command + Option + I shortcut to open up the developer tools.




In the developer tools. select the Console tab, paste one of the codes from the Sample Code section



Press the Enter key to run the code - the display name of the App creator/updater should be outputted into the console.




We introduced a quick technique that can be used without uploading the JavaScript file to the App. The user does not need to have Administrator rights to execute the code, and can be preformed by any user in your team.

We hope it comes in handy!

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