Download record comments in CSV format


This article introduces how to retrieve comment information from a record and output the information as a CSV file.

The sample in this article uses the Get Comments API and downloads the comment data of a record in CSV format.
Try using any app that has the record comment feature enabled.

Finished Image

Button placement for CSV output and a list of comments to be outputted:



Example of a CSV file that has been outputted (viewed through Excel):



Sample Code


The sample JavaScript code follows these 3 steps to download comments in CSV format:

Step 1. Retrieve comment data
Step 2. Convert the data format into CSV
Step 3. Add a button for downloading the CSV file

Step 1. Retrieve Comment Data

The maximum number of comments you can obtain with the Get Comments API is 10.
Therefore, recursion is used to obtain all of the comments in the record.


Reference: Get all records from an app

Step 2. Convert the data format into CSV

Convert the comment data retrieved into CSV format.


Step 3. Add a button for downloading the CSV file

Add a button to download the CSV file.



As Kintone does not offer a way to download comments inside records, this customization should help you store back-up data of important information that is stored inside the comments.

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