Get App Deploy Status

Gets the deployment status of the App settings for multiple Apps.
Method GET
URL https://{subdomain}
URL(guest space) https://{subdomain}{SpaceID}/v1/preview/app/deploy.json
Authentication API Token Authentication , Password Authentication


  • App Management Permissions are needed.

Request Parameters

Parameter Value Required Description
apps Array Required The list of Apps to check the deploy statuses of. The Maximum limit is 300.
If Apps in Guest Spaces are specified, all Apps specified in the request must belong to that Guest Space.

Sample Request

JavaScript (using Kintone REST API Request)


Response Parameters

Parameter Type Description
apps Array A list of objects with data of deploy statuses.
apps[].app String The App ID.
apps[].status String The status of the deployment of App settings.
  • PROCESSING: The App settings are being deployed.
  • SUCCESS: The App settings have been deployed.
  • FAIL: An error occurred, and the deployment of App settings failed.
  • CANCEL: The deployment of App settings was canceled, due to the deployment of other App settings failing.

Sample Response

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