jswatchdog (JavaScript code checker)


jswatchdog is an online service for effectively improving the quality of your JavaScript customization.
It works on the browser, and uses ESLint and JSHint to check through and validate your code.
If you have already set up ESLint or JSHint in your coding environment, you won't need to use jswatchdog. But for those who haven't, jswatchdog can help you to:

  • reduce the cost of code reviews
  • understand which parts of your code have vulnerabilities

When you write custmoizations for kintone, try passing the code through jswatchdog first to see what areas you can improve.

How to use jswatchdog

jswatchdog can be accessed from the following link: https://kintone.github.io/jswatchdog/

  1. Paste your JavaScript program in the online editor on the left side.
  2. Lines that need attention will be displayed on the right hand side. Editing your code on the online editor will take immediate effect on the right hand side.


Examples of jswatchdog errors

JavaScript source code

Errors that are commonly displayed

Other types of errors that are displayed


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