Zero-fill a number

This sample zero-fills a number, and sets it into another number field.

Sample Image


Sample Code

// Zero-fill a number, and set it inside a text field

(function() {
    "use strict";
    var NUMBER = 'mynumber'; //field code of number field
    var ZEROFILL = 'zerofilled_number'; //field code of text field to set result into

    function zeroFill(value, length) {
        if (value.length >= length) { return value; }
        return (new Array(length).join('0') + value).slice(-length);

    var events = ["app.record.create.change." + NUMBER, 'app.record.edit.change.' + NUMBER];, function(event) {
        var record = event.record;
        var changes = event.changes.field;
        var length = 8;  //number of digits for the zero-filled number
        record[ZEROFILL].value = zeroFill(changes.value, length);
        return event;


Make sure to match the Field code your fields, with the Field code written in the code.


Refer to the Tutorial page, on how to add scripts to your app.

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