Update Space Members

Updates the Members of a Space
Method PUT
URL https://{subdomain}.kintone.com/k/v1/space/members.json
URL(guest space) https://{subdomain}.kintone.com/k/guest/{SpaceID}/v1/space/members.json
Authentication Password Authentication
Content-Type application/json


  • Only the Space Administrators can use this API.

Request Parameters

Parameter Value Required Description
id String Yes The Space ID.
members Array Yes A list of members of the Space.
At least one Space Administrator must be specified.
Inactive and deleted users cannot be specified.
members[].entity Object Yes The entity information of the Space member.
Guest users cannot be specified.
members[].entity.type String Yes The entity type of the Space member.
  • USER: User
  • Group: Group
  • ORGANIZATION: Department
members[].entity.code String Yes The code of the entity.
members[].isAdmin Boolean or String Conditional The Space Administration settings of the user.
  • true: The member will be the Administrator of the Space.
  • false: The member will not be the Administrator of the Space.
At least 1 Space Administrator is required to be set in the API call.
If ignored, this value is false.
members[].includeSubs Boolean or String   The "Include Affiliated Departments" settings of the department.
  • true: Affiliated departments will be included.
  • false: Affiliated departments will not be included.
If ignored, this value is false.

Sample Request

JavaScript (using kintone REST API Request)


Response Parameters

An empty JSON object will be returned.

Sample Response


  • If the Space or Guest Space feature is turned off, an error will be returned.
  • This API cannot update Guest Members for Guest Spaces. To do this, use the Update Guest Members API.
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