Get Space Members

Gets the list of Space Members of a Space.
Method GET
URL https://{subdomain}
URL(guest space) https://{subdomain}{SpaceID}/v1/space/members.json
Authentication Password Authentication


For Private Spaces, the user must be a member of the Space.

Request Parameters

Parameter Value Required Description
id String Yes The Space ID.

Sample Request

JavaScript (using kintone REST API Request)


Response Parameters

Parameter Type Description
members Array

A list of Space members.
Guest users, inactive users and deleted users will not be included.

members[].entity Object The entity information of the Space member.
members[].entity.type String The entity type of the Space member.

USER: User
GROUP: Group
members[].entity.code String The code of the Space member.
members[].isAdmin Boolean The Space Admin settings of the Space member

true: The Space Member is the Space Administrator.
false: The Space Member is not the Space Administrator.
members[].isImplicit Boolean If the Space Member is added as a User or not.

true: The Space Member is not added as a user, and is added as part of a Group or Department.
false: The Space Member is added as a User.

This is not responded for GROUP and ORGANIZATION entities.
members[].includeSubs Boolean The "Include Affiliated Departments" setting of the Department Space Member.

true: Affiliated Departments are included.
false: Affiliated Departments are not included.

Sample Response


  • If the Space or Guest Space feature is turned off, an error will be returned.
  • Using this API on Guest Spaces will only return non-guest Space users.
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