Specify Record List via Query String


Look through the Get Records GET (/records.json) section to see the list of queries that can be used. URL encode the query with UTF-8.

Sample 1: Specifying a View list with a URL


When you create a new view in the App settings, you will find the view ID in the URL of the view page.

Sample 2: Specifying a filtered list with a URL

https://{sub-domain}.kintone.com/k/{appId}/?query={UTF-8 encoded query}


Say that we are looking for records where the Single-line text field is "kintone", and the Radio Button field is "A". Consider an app with the following properties:

  • Sub domain: example
  • App ID: 123
  • Field code of the Single-line text field: text_field
  • Field code of the Radio Button field: choice_field

The query for this would be:

text_field="kintone" and choice_field in ("A")

URL encode this, and place it as the value for the query, as below:


This will be doing the same filter as the following filter on Kintone:


This query can only be used on the desktop

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