Register as a Member

Register as a Member

What's in it for me?

If you register as a member of the Kintone Developer Program, you can:

  • Get a free 1-year Kintone developer license to start developing and testing out your Kintone customizations.
  • Receive email notifications for new tutorials, API updates, and CDN updates.
  • Post questions and comments in our community forums where you can discuss developer-related Kintone topics

How to Register

Take the following steps to register as a member of the Kintone Developer Program.

Step 1. Accept Cookies

Click on the red Accept Cookies button on the bottom banner of the page.


Accept Cookies Button on bottom banner highlighted



Step 2. Navigate to the Sign Up Page

Click here or click on the top right Sign in button.


Top right, sign in button, with nav class = user-nav is highlighted



Step 3. Proceed to Sign up link

Click on the Sign up link following the "New to Kintone Developer Program?" question in the popup window.


Sign up link with class= auth-actions is highlighted



Step 3. Fill out account details

Fill in your full name and the email address you would like to register with. Your email address will become your login name. Proceed to verify that you are not a robot, and click on the Sign up button.


Account details are filled out in the sign up form and button sign up button is highlighted



Step 4. Email Verification

After submitting the form, you will receive a verification email. Click on the link inside this email to set your password to complete the registration process. If you do not receive the verification email within one hour of submission, please email us at .


Verification email screenshot

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