Plug-in development environment


The following are required for developing Kintone plug-ins.

Development Environment for Kintone Customizations

See Get a Developer License for more details on obtaining a free Kintone developer license.

Environment to Run the Packaging Tool

An environment to run the shell script that is introduced in the below Plug-in Examples section is necessary. For those working on a Windows environment, a tool such as cygwin can be used to run the script.

Plug-in Examples

A collection of plug-in examples that contains the packaging tool, CSS file, README, and samples can be downloaded from the following Github link.

Check the below link for instructions on how to utilize the plug-in CSS file.


To create Kintone plug-ins, knowledge of creating Kintone customizations with JavaScript is required. Refer to the following coding guidelines when creating Kintone plug-ins.

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