What are plug-ins?


Plug-ins are packaged customization files that can be imported into your Kintone environment, and installed into any number of your apps.
Plug-ins provide an easy way for users to set up their customizations without having to alter any codes.

How is a plug-in different from a JavaScript customization?

To be specific, Kintone plug-ins include JavaScript customization files for your app, along with other files.
The other files make up the Plug-in Settings page. This is where users can input custom variables that will change the behavior of the plug-in.
If users were to use just a JavaScript customization for their app instead, they would have to download the file, alter the code, and upload it back up again to make any changes to the behavior. Plug-ins make this process easier, as users can alter the plug-in's settings through a GUI.

Are there any samples?

We currently have plug-ins for Dropbox, Zendesk, and Box.
Feel free to download and install any of them into your Kintone environment.
You will need an account for those services for the integration to work.

Can I make my own plug-ins?

Please go ahead and create your own custom plug-ins!
If you are new to Kintone customization, we advise you to look through the JavaScript API document first to get an understanding of how to work with data inside Kintone.
Next, get your environment ready by reading through Plug-in Development Environment.
Then, follow on to read through Steps for Plug-in Development to understand how plug-ins are structured. Finally, for information on APIs used specifically when creating plug-ins, see the Plug-in Docs.

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