Bulk Request


Runs multiple API requests sequentially to multiple Apps.
Method POST
URL https://{subdomain}.kintone.com/k/v1/bulkRequest.json
URL(guest space) https://{subdomain}.kintone.com/k/guest/{SpaceID}/v1/bulkRequest.json
Authentication API Token Authentication , Password Authentication
Content-Type application/json


Permissions depend on the APIs being used.


The Bulk Request API allows multiple API requests to run on multiple kintone apps. The below APIs can be used with the Bulk Request API:

  • Add Record
  • Add Records
  • Update Record
  • Update Records
  • Delete Records
  • Update Status
  • Update Statuses
  • Update Assignees

Request Parameters

requests Array Yes An array of requests. The maximum number of requests is 20.
requests[].method String Yes The API method for the request..
requests[].api String Yes The path of the API for the request.
requests[].payload Object Yes The parameters to be passed onto the API of the request.
Contents and formats will change depending on the API.

Sample Request

JavaScript (using Kintone REST API Request)

curl Sample

Response Parameters

An array is responded, where the results are placed into the same index as the request.

results Array The response from each API request. The order of the response is the same as the order of the requests.

Sample Response

Successful Response

Failed Response

This is a sample failed response, where the second PUT request fails due to a record ID not existing. If an API fails the error will be responded in that index, and other indexes will respond with empty objects {}.


  • The maximum number of requests is 20.
  • If one of the API requests fail, all operations will roll back.
  • The Bulk Request API used for Guest Space apps can only target Apps within the same Guest Space.
  • If an API token is used for authentication, only 1 API token can be used with this API (i.e. the Bulk Request can only target one App).
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