This plugin is a sample kintone integration with "Mandrill", a transactional email platform from MailChimp.

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Sample plugin

First, make sure you've read through the Plugin Development Environment article , and download all of the plugin-sdk files.

Below is the file structure for the Mandrill Plugin.

mandrill/ css/ -51-us-default.css -mandrill-design.css html/ -mandrillConfig.html image/ -image.png js/ -mandrillConfig.js -mandrillMail.js manifest.json


  • We do not guarantee this sample to run.
  • We do not provide any technical support for this sample plugin.

Plugin folder configuration

folder : css

  • 51-us-default.css
    This is the style used for the Plugin Setting screen.
  • mandrill-design.css
    This is the style used for the app.

folder : html

  • mandrillConfig.html
    This is the HTML file for the Plugin Setting screen.
    It contains the fields as follows:
    • Mandrill API key
    • Mail Template
    • Email recipient field code
    • Additional Field matchings between Mandrill and kintone

folder : image

folder : js

  • mandrillConfig.js
    This is the JavaScript file for the Plugin Setting screen.This file will work as follows.
    • Retrieve templates from your Mandrill account.
    • Parse variables into the selected template.
    • If the login user selected Japanese in the language setting, characters are translated into Japanese.
    • If the "Save" button is clicked, values are inserted into variables.
    • If the "Cancel" button is clicked, the screen goes back to the previous screen.
    • If the variables hold any values, insert those values into each fields.
  • mandrillMail.js
    This file works on the record list page, and sends kintone data to Mandrill.

file : manifest.json

This is the manifest file.

  • This file uses jQuery library which lies in the kintone CDN.


Mandrill is packaged using the packaging tool.
As an example, create a "work" folder and then run the "" located in the folder.

$cd work
$../work/ ./


A packaged sample can be found here.

mandrillPlugin_v1.2.0 (v1.2.0 released on May 20 2015.)

Importing & Confirming

  1. Import the Mandrill Plugin through the kintone Administration menu. Details can be found in the below link.
  2. Install the downloaded Mandrill Plugin into your kintone app.
  3. Set values in plugin Settings, Save, and apply the changes.


  • For this sample, the maximum number of emails that can be sent is 100.
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