Hello Kintone

The Tutorials section introduces samples that use Kintone's APIs to build customizations that can be applied to Kintone Apps. Make sure to read through the JavaScript Coding Guidelines before trying out the samples to understand the best practices when coding for Kintone.

To get acquainted, here is a quick customization. Open up a local text editor, and type in the following code.

Save the file, and name it hello.js. Make sure to place the .js at the end, and save with UTF-8 encoding.

Next, log into the Kintone platform, pick an App (or create one if there is none yet) and click on the cogwheel to access the App settings.

Click on the App Settings tab and then on JavaScript and CSS Customization. Click on the Add File button under Upload JavaScript for PC. Upload the hello.js file that was just created (note: Kintone Administrator permission settings are necessary to be able to upload files to this menu. Refer to Customizing Kintone with JavaScript & CSS from the Kintone Help for more information).

Once done, click on Save, and then on Update App.
Now every time the App is opened, an alert message will be displayed, reading Hello kintone.

Great! A JavaScript file has been implemented into a Kintone App! Of course, most people won't find it useful having an alert message opening up every time they open the app.


The Kintone API document introduces Events, that tells the code to start functioning at a particular timing - for example, to only show a message when you're editing a record. Other documents include retrieving values that are inside the records, retrieving user information and so on.


The goal of the Tutorials section is to help understand the Kintone API, and to assist everyone in creating their own customized Apps. Feel free to tweak any of the codes here and experiment with all the possibilities of Kintone customizations!

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