What is Kintone?


Kintone is a social collaboration cloud service that provides a portal for communication, data and business process management.
You can check out Kintone here https://www.kintone.com/


Kintone Features


One key feature of Kintone, is "Kintone Applications".
Applications or “Apps” are customized online databases that users can build using simple drag & drop, without the need to do any programming.
Users can create different Apps to fit their different business use cases - Sales CRM, ToDo lists, Project Management, HR Recruitment Management and so on.

Although Kintone provides a wide selection of features through its default applications, additional customization can take the Kintone apps a step further. This is where this developer site comes in, providing Kintone users and developers the tools to enhance their apps with custom programming.

Business Process Management

Apps come with a built-in business process management feature, allowing users to assign tasks to other team members, and keep track of their status.


Another important feature of Kintone is Spaces, a powerful communication tool.
Users can communicate on the platform through Spaces and Threads, which are forums that live inside Kintone.
Users can build multiple Spaces, and nest multiple Apps within those Spaces allowing users to keep related information in one place. Users can build a Space for their Sales members, and build apps for Sales CRM, Customer Database, and ToDo's so that all Sales members can share their information in one Space.

Other Features

Check out more features on the Kintone website

Free Developer License

Sign up now for a free Kintone developer license.
Start building Apps and Spaces and test out Kintone customizations shown on the developer site.
*A free Kintone Developer Program account is required to sign up for the Kintone developer license.

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