JavaScript API Overview

The JavaScript API introduces various APIs that can be used with JavaScript files that you can upload onto your apps.
You can upload your JavaScript files by going to the App's settings > Advanced Settings > JavaScript and CSS Customization .

The JavaScript file will take effect once you have saved the settings, and clicked on Apply Changes.

Here are some quick introductions of the JavaScript APIs:

  • Events
    Introduces you on how to handle events, and the types of events that exist in Kintone.
  • Get Data
    Shows various data that you can retrieve from Kintone records. There are sample codes which you can quickly copy and paste into your browser's console to see the responded data.
  • Kintone REST API Request
    Lets you run Kintone REST API through the JavaScript code - this is handy when you need to work on multiple Kintone records in one go.
  • Kintone Proxy
    An essential API to run external REST API that lies outside of Kintone. If you are looking into using 3rd party APIs, then call them through this API.
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