Update Assignees


Updates the Assignees of a Record status, that was set with the Process Management feature.
Method PUT
URL https://{subdomain}.kintone.com/k/v1/record/assignees.json
URL(guest space) https://{subdomain}.kintone.com/k/guest/{SpaceID}/v1/record/assignees.json
Authentication API Token Authentication , Password Authentication
Content-Type application/json


The user or API Token must both have permission to manage the App and view records.

Request Parameters

app Integer or String Yes The App ID.
record Integer or String Yes The Record ID.
assignees Array Yes The user code(s) (log in names) of the Assignee(s). If empty, no users will be assigned. The maximum number of Assignees is 100.
revision Integer or String Optional The revision number of the record before updating the Assignees. If the specified revision is not the latest revision, the request will result in an error. The revision will not be checked if this parameter is ignored, or -1 is specified.

Sample Request

JavaScript (using Kintone REST API Request)

curl Sample

Response Parameters

revision String The revision number of the record after updating the Assignees.

Sample Response


  • This API can only be used with Apps that have the Process Management feature enabled.
  • The request will result in an error if a user without permission is assigned as the Assignee.
  • The error will return if more than 2 Assignees are assigned to a record that only allows one Assignee.

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