Add Thread Comment

Add Thread CommentPOST /space/thread/comment.json

Add a thread comment to a thread of a Space.
URI for Guest Space Apps


The user must be a member of the space (or guest space) to add a thread comment.

Request Parameters

space Integer or String Yes The Space ID*.
thread Integer or String Yes The Thread ID*.
comment Object Optional An object including comment details.
comment.text String Yes** The comment text. A line break can be specified by LF. The maximum characters of the comment is 65535.
comment.mentions Array Optional An array including information to mention other users.
comment.mentions[].code String Optional The code of the user, group or department that will be mentioned. The maximum number of mentions is 10. The mentioned users will be placed in front of the comment text when the API succeeds.
comment.mentions[].type String Optional The type of the mentioned target.
  • USER: User
  • GROUP: Group
  • ORGANIZATION: Department
comment.files Array Yes** An array including attachment files. The maximum number of the files is 5.
comment.files[].fileKey String Optional The fileKey of the attachment file. The Upload File's fileKey can be used.
comment.files[].width Integer or String Optional A width can be specified if the attachment file is an image. The minimum is 100, and the maximum is 750. If this parameter is omitted, the original width will be set (this width is the same size as the size when "Original" is chosen when adding an image to a thread via GUI) . If you specify this parameter while the image is not set, it will be ignored.

*Check the browser URL for the Space ID and Thread ID.
If the URL is https://{subdomain} then the Space ID is "111" and Thread ID is "3333".
**Either comment.text or comment.files will be required.

Sample Request

Request Header

POST /k/v1/space/thread/comment.json HTTP/1.1
X-Cybozu-Authorization: a2ludG9uZTpkZXZlbG9wZXI=
Authorization: Basic a2ludG9uZTpkZXZlbG9wZXI=
Content-Type: application/json


    "space": 20,
    "thread": 30,
    "comment": {
        "text": "This is the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. \nIsn't it gorgeous?",
        "mentions": [
                "code": "john",
                "type": "USER"
                "code": "HR_EBbG2z",
                "type": "ORGANIZATION"
                "code": "Travel Club_9mhZNJ",
                "type": "GROUP"
        "files": [
                "fileKey": "a8c5360e-e919-4ac6-a300-b24fbc9ee1ec",
                "width": 400

Sample Response

The comment ID of the added comment will be returned.

    "id": 78

Sample Capture


  • If the mentioned name has a localized name setting, and the language of the localized name is the same as the comment poster's language settings, the mentioned name will be posted as the localized name.
  • Inactive/deleted users, departments, and groups cannot be mentioned.
  • In the case of a user who has left the guest space, they will be treated as the same as a deleted user.
  • Errors will occur if you mention a user who is being invited to the guest space, but has not joined yet.
  • For other limitations, check the limitations on this page
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