How to use the CDN

The Kintone CDN

The Kintone Developer Program provides a number of JavaScript libraries on a CDN such as JQuery and AngularJS.
When running scripts on Kintone, feel free to use these libraries provided on the CDN to increase the efficiency of the customizations.

Using libraries on the Kintone CDN

Libraries can be loaded by specifying the URL of the CDN on the JavaScript and CSS Customization page.
Follow these steps to utilize a library:

  1. Choose the library to use from the Kintone CDN page.
    Also take note of the version. In this example, jQuery version 3.0.0 will be used.
  2. Take note of the URL of the library - jQuery version 3.0.0 will take the form of the following URL:
  3. Access the JavaScript and CSS Customization page from the App's settings.
  4. Under "Upload JavaScript for PC", click "Add link", copy & paste the JavaScript library, and click on "Save". This setting will allow the library to load whenever someone is viewing this app.

    *if this settings page is grayed out, it means that the Administrator of the Kintone domain has restricted JavaScript uploads. Check here for more details

  5. Click on "Save", and on "Update App"
  6. jQuery syntax can now be called freely on the App.

Points to check

  • Check that the URL of the CDN exists. It is always possible to access the URL via the browser first to see if there are contents inside.
  • Libraries and scripts are loaded in the order they are listed on the JavaScript and CSS Customization page. If a script is dependent on a library, make sure the library is listed first so it loads before the main script.
  • Contents of the library on the CDN will not change. If the library has an update, it will be released on a new URL. URLs will not be removed unless there are security issues.
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