Plug-in Update: Calendar Plug-in

[Article updated: 24th May 2020]
The Calendar Plug-in article has been archived and is now unaccessible

The calendar plug-in will now only be available on our open-source Plug-in GitHub repository, under eventCalendar.


  • Plug-ins that were already installed will still be able to keep being used.
  • To newly install or update the Calendar Plug-in, please download the latest files from the GitHub repository, and package it locally into a plug-in.

[Article created: May 27th 2019]
Calendar plug-in update

There has been a major update to the Calendar plug-in as of 27 May 2019 which includes both new features and bug fixes.

Calendar plug-in:

New features

Default view

A default view can now be specified for the custom view. The options are Month, Week, or List Week.

Quick set-up, All-day event only set-up, and Timezone support set-up

A number of different field set-ups can be created. The quick set-up uses only datetime fields to specify the start date and time and end date and time of an event. The all-day event only set-up uses date fields only and is useful for displaying calendars with only events that last all day. Finally, the timezone support set-up takes time zones into account and allows the user to create, edit, and view events from various time zones.

Different timezone event handling

When the timezone support set-up is being used, the user can create events from different time zones than their local timezone from the create record screen. This was previously only possible by clicking on an empty time slot in the custom view with the timezone set to the desired timezone. The user can also now view an event's record details in the timezone it was specified with. Previously, the record details of an event were displayed only in the user's local time zone.

Custom view record creation with required fields handling

Previously, it was not possible to create a new event from the calendar custom view by clicking an empty time slot, if there was a required field in the form. Now, if a required field exists in the form, an iframe of the App form will appear and prompt the user to fill in the required field.

Bug fixes

Multi-day events are now properly displayed to include the final day

This update fixes a bug that occurred when a multi-day all-day event was specified, where the event block would not be displayed on the final day of the event. With the update, the event block now properly spans all days.

Multi-day events spanning Saturday and Sunday are now displayed at all times

This update also fixes a bug that occurred where a multi-day event that spanned the weekend would at times not be displayed in the Week and List Week. With the update, all multi-day events are now properly displayed.

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