Linking Google Forms and Kintone





Start the 10 minute tutorial to learn how to optimize your Google Forms submission process with Kintone.



By using Kintone to capture your Google Form responses, you'll find increased productivity with:
Access controls
Kintone allows end users to set granular access controls to the data in its databases. Prevent sensitive answers from being seen by everyone while allowing free access to those who should have it.
Workflow management
Workflows can be set for each record in the database to make the next steps clear after an answer is captured.
Open communication
Each record inside the Kintone database has a comments feature for easy communication within or across teams. Simply mention someone in the comment to instantly notify them about the message.
All you need is:
A free Kintone developer license
If you don't have a free Kintone developer license yet, visit the following page to learn how: Get a Developer License.
A Google account
Click here to either sign into an existing Google account, or create one.
Got those ready?


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