Display maps with OpenStreetMap





Start the 5 minute tutorial to learn how to integrate a Kintone database with OpenStreetMap.



By integrating a Kintone database with OpenStreetMap, you can:
Compile location data
Compile location data in one central place with Kintone (store locations? customer companies? local suppliers? whatever you need!).
Display interactive maps
Display that location data with an interactive map provided by OpenStreetMap, right in the Kintone record.
Take advantage of Kintone
Optimize operations around the created locations database using Kintone's native features, such as creating graphs, business workflows, and connecting to other databases within Kintone.
All you need is:
A free Kintone developer license
If you don't have a free Kintone developer license yet, visit the following page to learn how: Get a Developer License.
A text editor
Got those ready?


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