Kintone Developer Dojo: June 14, 2018

Event Space


44 Montgomery Ave
3rd floor 
San Francisco, CA 94104


SSID: WeWorkGuest
Password: <open your browser for reg>


Working in Kintone

  1. Create a new app from template: To Do
  2. Change the field code for To Do and Status
  3. Add a new field: Priority
  4. Import a CSV file with tasks
  5. Change the value: Assigned To
  6. (optional) Add a new view: Tasks by Priority
  7. (optional) Add a new chart: Pie chart of tasks grouped by Priority

 Working with JavaScript

  1. Create a todo_customize.js file
  2. Add an event handler for the record list
  3. Use the JavaScript API to retrieve different fields in the record list
  4. Add logic to change the color of the value if the task has not yet been started
  5. Upload the todo_customize.js file to your app

Adding users to your domain

  1. Go the root of your domain
  2. Click the Administration button
  3. Click Departments & Users
  4. Click the New User button
  5. When you click Save, you will be prompted to send login details to the new user

Victory conditions

Winner(s) will be chosen based on the following criteria:

Added value 

  • How much value does your solution add for the user?


  • Is your solution particularly creative, unique, or elegant?


  • How effectively is the solution and value communicated?

Bonus points: 

  • Using a different app template
  • Using the JavaScript or REST APIs

For judges (nice try! password protected)


Hackathon ideas:

  • The app itself: add or remove fields from the form to make the app more complex (e.g., add GTD method support), or targeted for a specific use (e.g., event-hosting tasks)
  • Views and graphs: Different ways of showing or reporting the data (e.g., only tasks that are blocked)
  • JavaScript customization: Change color based on approaching or passed due date
  • A totally new app: Choose another template that inspires you and tweak it using JavaScript or the UI 


Resource files

Base Kintone apps

  • Pre-built app templates

JavaScript and REST APIs

JavaScript tutorials

Experts in the room

  • Say hi!


Please take our short Feedback Survey so we can continue to make these events better.


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