Kintone CDN library updates for June 2018

New library versions were added to the kintone CDN.

New library versions


  • versions:1.7.0

Font Awesome

  • versions:5.0.13


  • versions:3.0.0


  • versions:0.4.0

moment Timezone

  • versions:0.5.17


  • versions:7.21.1


The full list of libraries on the Kintone CDN can be found on this page.


CDN Notices

Updates on Marked.js

Version before 0.4.0 contained a vulnerability, but this has been fixed in version 0.5.0. For more details, refer to the Marked.js release notes.

Updates on Spin.js

Due to the library provider changing the format they provide the library in, version 2.3.2 will be our final version that we add to the Kintone CDN.

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