Kintone JavaScript API List

Event Handling

API Function Desktop Mobile
Register Event Handlers
Delete a Handler


Triggered Timing Function Desktop Mobile
Record List Event Onload Event
Inline Edit Event  
Save Submit Event app.record.index.edit.submit  
Save Submit Success Event app.record.index.edit.submit.success  
Field Change Event app.record.index.edit.change.<fieldcode>  
Delete Submit Event app.record.index.delete.submit  
Record Details Event Onload Event
Delete Submit Event app.record.detail.delete.submit
Proceed Process Event app.record.detail.process.proceed
Record Create Event Onload Event
Save Submit Event app.record.create.submit
Save Submit Success Event app.record.create.submit.success
Field Change Event app.record.create.change.<fieldcode>
Record Edit Event Onload Event
Save Submit Event app.record.edit.submit
Save Submit Success Event app.record.edit.submit.success
Field Change Event app.record.edit.change.<fieldcode>
Graph Display Event Onload Event
Record Print Event Onload Event  
Portal Display Event Onload Event
Space Display Event Onload Event

Get Data

API Function Desktop Mobile
App ID Get App ID
Logged-in User Get Logged-in User kintone.getLoginUser
Record Get Record ID
Get Record Details
Get Record Field Element
Set Record Value
Get Record Header Menu Element  
Get Space Element
Get Related Records Target
Get Lookup Target
Get Mobile Header Element  
Record List Get Record List Query
Get Record List Query (with order by, limit, offset)
Get Record List Field Elements
Get Record List Header Menu Element  
Get Record List Header Element  
Get Related Records Target  
Get Lookup Target  
Get Mobile Header Element  
Portal Get Portal kintone.portal.getContentSpaceElement
Space Get Space
Concurrency Limit Get Concurrency Limit kintone.api.getConcurrencyLimit
Design Get Design kintone.getUiVersion


API Function Desktop Mobile
Kintone REST API Request Kintone REST API Request kintone.api
Get URL kintone.api.url
Get URL (including query) kintone.api.urlForGet
Get CSRF Token kintone.getRequestToken
Kintone Proxy Kintone Proxy kintone.proxy
Kintone Proxy Upload Kintone Proxy Upload kintone.proxy.upload
Open Field Group Open Field Group
Show/Hide fields Show/Hide fields


API Function Desktop Mobile
Set Config  
Get Config
Kintone Plugin Proxy
Set Config for proxy  
Get Config for proxy  
Kintone Plugin Proxy Upload


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