API Updates for December 2018

The next Kintone update is 7th December 2018. The release also includes the following updates.

Kintone JavaScript API

New Features

The following APIs for mobile will be added:

  • Get Record ID (kintone.mobile.app.record.getId)
  • Get Space Element (kintone.mobile.app.record.getSpaceElement)
  • Get Related Records Target (kintone.mobile.app.getRelatedRecordsTargetAppId)
  • Get Lookup Target (kintone.mobile.app.getLookupTargetAppId)
  • Get App ID (kintone.mobile.app.getId)
  • Graph Display Event:Onload Event (mobile.app.report.show)

Bug Fixes

The following APIs return un-escaped characters, if values within Check boxes, Radio buttons, Drop-downs, Multi-choices or Statuses contain backslashes (/) or double quotes (""):

Example of returned values:

  • Before the fix: Check_box in ("sample"2"")
  • After the fix: Check_box in ("sample\"2\"")

Kintone REST API

Spec Changes

Spec changes will be made to the following APIs, due to the implementation of the new Mobile Custom View feature for the Kintone platform in December:

For the GET calls, a device parameter will be included in the returned object when the type value is CUSTOM.
For the PUT calls, the device parameter can be specified in the object when the type value is CUSTOM.

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