API Updates for September 2021

The next Kintone update is on 12th September 2021. The release also includes the following API updates.

Update Summary

September's update now supports filtering records on the mobile version without creating or saving a record list view.

Also, a new User API will be added to add new Groups.

Kintone JavaScript API

New Features

    • The following API will retrieve the limit and offset filter conditions on the Mobile version's Record List view and Graph view.


  • If a query parameter is specified in the Record List view's URL, records are filtered when accessing the page via the mobile view.

    • Details
      • This feature is unavailable if the Disable "Filter records in mobile view feature" option is selected in the Kintone Administration's Update Options setting.
      • For more information on query parameters, refer to the Specify Record List via Query String article.

User API

New Features

  • A new API will be added to add Groups.
    • Related APIs
      • /v1/groups.json [POST]

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