Upcoming AWS Migration for Developer Licensed Domains

As announced in the API Updates for September 2019, all Kintone domains created before September 8th, 2019, will be migrated on to Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure. All Kintone domains will be temporarily down during the migration period. Both the domains already on AWS and the domains that still need to be migrated will be impacted.

Domain Migration Schedule

The following are the scheduled times for the domains migration:

  • April 19th (Sun) 8:00pm PDT – April 20th 2:00am PDT
  • May 16th (Sat) 8:00pm PDT – May 17th 2:00am PDT
  • June 20th (Sat) 8:00pm PDT – June 21st 2:00am PDT

During all the times listed above, all domains will be temporarily down and inaccessible. The domains associated with the Developer License program will be migrated to AWS during the April 19th to April 20th scheduled time.

For the real-time status of Kintone, visit kintone.statuspage.io.

How To Prepare For The Upcoming AWS & Kintone Migration

For more information on the upcoming domain migration to AWS, refer to the company announcement.

For more details on the changes for Kintone after the AWS migration, specifically of changes in security and query results, refer to the API Updates for September 2019.

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