API Updates for April 2021

The next Kintone update is 12th April 2021. The release also includes the following API updates.

Update Summary

The April update consists of new APIs related to customizing the portal of a Space.

Similar to the Get Portal API, the new JavaScript API will allow for adding buttons and retrieving and displaying content on the header of a Space's Portal page.

Kintone JavaScript API

New Features

  • New events will be added for Spaces.
    • Relevant APIs
      • Desktop Onload Event (space.portal.show)
      • Mobile Onload Event (mobile.space.portal.show)
    • Details
      • These events are only available for Spaces with the multiple threads option enabled.
      • These events are not available for Guest Spaces.
  • A new API will be added to retrieve the empty space element of a Space Portal's header.
    • Relevant APIs
      • Desktop: kintone.space.portal.getContentSpaceElement()
      • Mobile: kintone.mobile.space.portal.getContentSpaceElement()
    • Details
      • The area highlighted in red in the below image will be retrieved:
        Space Portal's header highlighted

Bug Fixes

  • A bug exists where an incorrect value may be returned when using the following events on mobile view under the following conditions. This bug will be fixed.
    • Related Events
    • Conditions
      When all of the following conditions apply:
      • Using Kintone on the mobile view
      • Altering values of fields that are referred by the formulas in a Calculated field or Text field.
      • Clicking the Save button when creating, updating, or duplicating records before the recalculation is completed on the server-side.
    • Details
      • Before the fix: The Calculated field may have the incorrect value from the previous calculation.
      • After the fix: The Calculated field will always have the correct recalculated value.

User API

New Features

  • A new API will be added to export information about the services used by users.
    • Related Events
      • /v1/users/services.json [GET]

Spec Changes

The update below has been postponed and will not be included in the April update.
  • Unnecessary control characters (i.e., non-printing characters) will no longer be included in fields, like display name, governed by Kintone Users & System Administrators.
    • Relevant APIs
    • Conditions
      When all of the following conditions apply:
    • Details
      • The control characters, other than Zero Width Joiner (ZWJ), can no longer be inputted into fields in the User Detail, Department Detail, Job Title, Group Detail, and Custom Field settings.
      • The unnecessary control characters that are already saved in these fields will not be altered automatically after the Kintone update. However, they will be removed upon changes made through a related API call, Kintone GUI, or a CSV File.

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