Get User Services

Gets the services that users use in the Kintone environment.
Method GET
URL https://{subdomain}
Authentication Password Authentication
Content-Type application/json (not needed if specifying the query with a query string)


All users other than Guest Users can use this API.

Request Parameters

Parameter Value Required Description
codes Array of Strings Optional The list of the target user codes.
The maximum length of the array is 100.
If this parameter is ignored, all users will be targeted.
offset Integer Optional The offset.
If this parameter is ignored, 0 will be set.
size Integer Optional The maximum size of the array in the response.
1 to 100 can be specified.
If this parameter is ignored, 100 will be set.

Sample Request

JavaScript (using kintone REST API Request)

Response Parameters

Parameter Type Description
users Array of Objects An array consisting of user codes and their related services.
The objects are listed in order of the user's id.
users.code String The user's code. Array of Strings

The services being used by the user.
Users using Kintone will have the string "kintone" returned in the array.
If the user uses no services, an empty array will be returned.

Sample Response


  • The user "Administrator" will not be included in the response.
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