How to upload file to 3rd party api (in this case is CloudSign api)

Tiến Đạt Trần

Dear Everyone


I am sorry because i haven't found any answer for my question. So i created one from here.

My problem :

- I cannot upload file to CloudSign API(Api document will place below) by using javascript in Kintone App

CloudSign API that i am using : https://app.swaggerhub.com/apis/CloudSign/cloudsign-web_api/0.10.4#/default/post_documents__documentID__files


This is list solution that i tried and failure :

- Using Kintone Javascript Proxy API : failed, error "invalid upload"


- Using Kintone Javascript Proxy Upload API : not actually failed, i don't understand how to use it. My error is "invalid upload"


- Using fetch : CORS error


I'm really appreciate if somebody have experience with this helped me.


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Yasuhisa Kaneko 0 votes

Dear Tiến Đạt Trần

Unfortunately, we are not sure what is going on with information provided.

By looking at the error, it is possible that the request content of the target API is incorrect, 
but we do not know the details of the CloudSign API or the content of the request being executed.

Please let us know the details of the request you made and the error details also.



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