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  I import some data to the interface, and I want to add some fields of data to the Category. But when I use the Kintone API to do this, the error shows that I am unable to edit the value of Category. How can I do?

For example, I get the value of "A公司" and want to put the whole record into the category "A公司" when open the index page, (I know I can do this by choosing category one by one, but i want records to go to its category automatically, for the data size can be very huge sometimes )


Thank you for your help!!!

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Unfortunately, the category is one of the fields that cannot be created or updated thru the kintone REST API; though, the values can be retrieved from it. *This is mentioned in one of the limitations of the kintone REST API.

 -kintone REST API Overview
If you would like to bulk update the existing records, maybe consider using the "Importing Records from a File" feature. You can use this to bulk update, including the category field, the existing records, or to create multiple records.

 -kintone Help Center - Importing Records from a File

I hope this helps.


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