Auto numbering issue when record view is specified via logged in account

Muhaymin Rakim

Hi Everyone,

Can you help me with my problem in auto numbering, I can view all records since there's no filtering that I set on the view settings, but when I add a filter lets say only the record that the user can view are only the records that he made, but when add a record the reference no. with format "WES 20-0000X" will go back to WES 20-00001 it should be WES 20-00010 when I add another record. Can you help me with this. Because we restrict the users to view the record that the others user's created

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Sean Tachibana 0 votes
Hello Muhaymin,
If no record exists, which is likely to happen at the beginning of the year, it sets the number "00001"
Custom automatic numbering:
Please appoint the query itself like the one below, otherwise no matter what the year is, it will count up.
var query = {

'app': kintone.app.getId()

Hopefully, this helps.
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