How to compare text value with textbox inside table

Trithot L

Can we using 2 text box compare the value ? 

I try to use IF funtion to compare value of Supplier name with value of Supplier name inside table must be same name but it always display "false"

Compare formula


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Sean Tachibana 1 vote

Hi Trithot,

This process cannot be achieved with the IF function, but it is possible with the CONTAINS function.
The reason is that the IF function cannot specify a field in the table
from a field that is not in the same table as the argument of the equal sign.

With the CONTAINS function, it is possible to specify an array <string> type
as the first argument and a string type as the second argument.

IF(CONTAINS(supnametb, supname), "true", "false")

Could you try this out and see if it works out?

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